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Posted on November 14, 2013 by Lucy V


We must be either too stupid, lazy or uninformed to handle our own energy supplier. That’s why the Pennsauken Township Committee will do it for us by choosing our provider if we haven’t done so already. Sorry if we decided to keep this decision between us and PSE&G because the Township’s going to change it for us anyway. SURPRISE!

Here’s how it works…

T & M Associates (a political contributor) have a new gig: brokering energy suppliers for municipalities. Months of coercion…I mean town-hall meetings, mailings, Channel 19, postings in All Around Pennsauken, etc to educate the residents will take place, convincing us to ultimately NOT opt out of this plan. But hey, who doesn’t want more government control and intrusion? I’m sure we’re gonna love it.

We’re being assured we can opt out at anytime or jump right back in at the next cycle if we regret our decision.  FYI…local businesses have the freedom to opt in. We, as a homeowners, do not.

Final reading of Ordinance 2013:23 will be

Monday, November 18th at 5:30pm

Township Building.

Oh, I hear the new Township slogan for this endeavor is…

We promise, if you like your energy supplier,

you can keep your energy supplier.

We all know how that worked out for Obamacare.



UPDATE: Because of a comment made below, I decided to add this info from 2013…


Town hall meetings have begun. Check here for dates.



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