Government Intervention Is Taking Away Your Right To Choose…


  • ‘Would you like your local government to choose your mobile provider or cable company? Energy choice is no different…’
  • ‘Do you trust government to drive consumer prices down and keep them down?’
  • ‘Is local government best-suited to navigate complex consumer markets? If you like your energy company, you can keep your energy company…’


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8df92bdfd083de6578d9b30c99dcbebe (1)Approval of aggregation ordinance fails after residents voice opposition… – Parsippany, NJ

The Parsippany-Troy Hills Township Council shut down a controversial electricity aggregation proposal that had residents up in arms.

The proposal was up for second reading and adoption on Tuesday, but it never got as far as a vote since none of the councilman would second the motion.

Under the ordinance, the township would have hired Gabel Associates, Inc. to implement a procurement process for a third-party supplier to provide power supply to Parsippany residents. If passed, the township would have released requirements for the proposal, where a third-party supplier would be invited to supply the town’s electricity. It would not serve those residents who already have a third-party supplier.


Angry residents sound off about government intrusion on personal choice… -Pennsauken, NJ

We must be either too stupid, lazy or uninformed to handle our own energy supplier. That’s why the Pennsauken Township Committee will do it for us by choosing our provider if we haven’t done so already. Sorry if we decided to keep this decision between us and PSE&G because the Township’s going to change it for us anyway. SURPRISE!

Here’s how it works…


Local Councilman reverses, withdraws support for energy aggregation after ordinance is approved…- Middle Township, NJ

Donohue comes out against energy aggregation

MIDDLE TOWNSHIP — For months, Committeeman Tim Donohue touted the benefits of residents getting involved in an energy program that could save them thousands of dollars on their utility bills.

Now, he is having second thoughts.

Since last year, township officials have been exploring combining residents’ energy accounts to snag a better rate than what is offered by Atlantic City Electric. Officials had said the concept had the potential to save thousands of dollars for residents.

But several residents have slammed the concept at Township Committee meetings. Under state law, residents have to opt out of the program rather than specifically act to join it.


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