Welcome to Citizens Against Municipal Aggregation (C.A.M.A.)

Welcome to Citizens Against Municipal Aggregation (C.A.M.A.)

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Citizens Against Municipal Aggregation (C.A.M.A.)

  • John

    Thank you for this article. I am currently a Toms River resident and after reading your article, I was able to make a clear-cut decision on opting out, in which I did.

    • Eileen De Leeuw

      Your company card was giving to us by Councilman Rizzo of East Rutherford, NJ

      A meeting is scheduled for Dec. 12, 2013 at 7:00 PM at the Little Ferry Town Hall located on Liberty Street, Little Ferry, NJ. Gabel Assoc. is presenting to the town people an electrical third party with the OPT out option. I am aware that your organization is against municipal aggregation and we would appreciate it if you could send a support person from your organization to assist us. I know that people have to Opt out if they do not want a third party, but I am also, afraid that some residences will not read the information that is giving to them or send to them, and in turn have something they would have not wanted. I know this is short notice but it would be greatly appreciated if a knowledgeable person would be present to help us in this matter. I feel that we the residence are not the ones that are ready savings and I would not like to see my neighbors taking in. In my opinion, from all that I have read this does not appear to be of benefit to the town residence.

      You can e-mail me chiefdl@verizon.net or call me at 201-641-4249 to discuss the above.

      Thanking you in advance for your help.


      Conrad & Eileen De Leeuw


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