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green-bulbOver the past several years, a number of states have begun to implement energy deregulation to create competition between energy providers. This is significantly benefiting consumers by providing them with cost savings, positive environmental (“green”) impact, innovation, and overall energy choice. Deregulation has divided the utility-company monopolies by separating the production (generation) of energy from its distribution (delivery). Prior to deregulation, electricity and natural gas were provided by local utilities (or regional monopolies) that controlled both the generation, and distribution channels for delivery. Recently local politicians and civic leaders have been negotiating deals on behalf of their constituents, in what amounts to a re-monopolizing of the energy markets. Through a process called municipal aggregation highly-paid energy brokers (who earn big commissions) are trying to usurp consumer choice, and get your elected officials to enter constituents into complex, multi-year contracts with companies frequently owned by the utilities themselves (re-monopolization). C.A.M.A. (Citizens Against Municipal Aggregation) seeks to shed light on this practice which is a throwback to the old way of paying too much for our energy, and the “good-old-boy” networks that have ruled the energy markets for far too long! Please take a moment to educate yourself about this issue through this website, and let your local town, city and state politicians know your position on NO AGGREGATION!

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