Why Donate?


CAMA operates strictly on donations.


Cama started in 2013 to protect the rights of consumers for their right to choose their energy and gas providers. 


Cama uses the donations to maintain the website, send and write press releases, social media campaigns and management, send emails to the local governments about the disadvantages of aggregation and much more. Without your donations CAMA will not be able to continue to help and more and more towns will accept aggregation. This will affect more than just energy, this effects everything that America stands for.  Please help keep your right to choose your providers and stop the big electricity providers from taking that right away. Please click on the Donate button below and give any amount that you can. You do not need a PayPal account to give a donation, all credit cards are accepted.






100% of the donations are used to operate CAMA, there are no salaries and not one dollar goes into the pockets of the founders of CAMA.  All funds are used only to operate and spread the word about aggregation.







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